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From the founder - Belated follow-up


My apologies - after writing the first of a series of articles, the whirlwind of life took control of all my time. Crazy work hours and my first child have filled my time. Recently, I was interviewed for and it occurred to me that the discussion covers a large part of what I've intended to write.

The link is here: and I've pasted the article below.

Without a Specialty: The "Other" Skills Needed to Make Games

In college, at the University of Michigan, Eduardo Baraf was incredulous that there was no dedicated game development organization on…

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From the Founder

W.Soft, I am a Nintendo generation gamer. Starting with the NES I own just about every console (sorry Genesis 32X) and I'm no stranger to computer gaming. Don't worry, this isn't a rant about my gaming preferences - I want to give you some context before I plow ahead.

My objective is to create a series of articles for this site that detail the different challenges, opportunities, success, and failures that I have gone through over the last seven years. I would have been thrilled to experience W.Soft as it is now, and I want to do everything I…

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