Mitchell Keith Bloch

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Class 2013
Location Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Occupation Student, Game Developer, and Webmaster
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The first games I ever played were a couple of Sesame Street themed games for DOS. I believe I was approximately one year old at the time. In elementary school I played great classics like Oregon Trail, Odell Lake, and Arkanoid to name a few. My first portable console was the Sega Gamegear, purchased shortly before the first demise of their hardware division. Shining Force - The Sword of Haija made it all worthwhile however. I got my first non-portable console at the age of 13 - a Playstation. Great games like Xenogears and Gran Turismo left their mark. I got my first x86 PC around the age of 14 (freeing me from the prison that is an Apple Computer computer). Since then I have enjoyed games like Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic I and II. (I was also blown away to realize that my Blizzard game-discs bought for my father's Mac were PC-compatible as well. Kudos.) While I generally find role-playing games to be the most enjoyable PC-gaming experience these days, I have enjoyed games like Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Starcraft, Black and White, and many more in the past. I like games with cool controllers: Gran Turismo (Racing Wheels), Guitar Hero (SG), and I've always wanted to try Steel Batallion (for the control panel).

I started programming around the age of 14 as well. I first started learning C, motivated to try writing code to automate the implementation of "secret codes." I've never gotten around to implementing any of that, but I've found plenty of other interesting things to do. C++ and Java are great languages, though I tend to prefer C++ for most situations. (Java's GUI code is awful.) I attended Camp CAEN three times and learned about MFC, PalmOS, and Matt Gilgenbach's EZ2D Game Engine. Anyway, I think the rest is pretty much in my resume, so I'll stop here.



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  • Dismantled Demon Distribution, Inc

    Dismantled Demon Distribution, Inc

    (48-Hour Game Jam 11) You offer a rare and necessary service to fantasy heroes the world over: keeping undying evils from coming back.

  • Zeni Rocket

    Zeni Rocket

    You must install all 3 redistributables in the redist/ folder!

    If you want to try 2-player, copy ship1.txt to ship2.txt and change the controls.

    The main concept behind this game is to allow a user to simply customize a spaceship by placing rockets wherever and to allow a user to simply change controls schemes for these rockets as well. The physics are mostly complete (though a better symplectic integrator might be helpful). Customization is…

  • Coriolis Station

    Coriolis Station

    This was a collaboration over the course of 12 days at Sid Meier's Game Design Boot Camp

    This is a 2D platformer set on a rotating space station. The puzzles are centered around the altered gravity mechanics.

    It's (perhaps) best played with an Xbox 360 controller, but it can be played just fine with a mouse and keyboard. The game should run on Windows XP, Mac OS 10.7, and recent versions of Linux.


  • Flag Wars: Capture the Flags

    Flag Wars: Capture the Flags

    This is a 3D multiplayer online game. There is no single player mode at present and it might not work over WiFi until I get the packet size down.

    Most required installation files are in the 'redist/' subfolder. However, if you have trouble installing drivers for an Xbox 360 controller, the recommended interface for playing the game, please visit Microsoft to obtain the manual driver installer.
    It was made using the Zenipex…

  • Perilous Seas

    Perilous Seas

    This was my arcade game for EECS 494, game development. It is a naval combat game in which you sail around the seven seas, firing cannonballs and sinking any ships which dare to stand in your way. You are supposed to play the game with a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3. If you have one, you rotate the stick to turn your ship.

  • Debugger


    Made for 48-Hour Contest #4

    48 Hour Version (Source Required for Runtime GPL Compliance)
    (Version 2.0 runs Zenilib

    The code name was Robots vs The Bugs. This is the essence of the game. Two players control one robot each - specifically one humanoid lawn mower each. The object of each level of the game is to kill all of the bugs on the level by attacking them with your…

  • Lucid Dreams - The Struggle to Awaken

    Lucid Dreams - The Struggle to Awaken

    This game placed fourth in the third 48 hour game development contest (Fall 2005).

    The setting of this game is a cloud in a dream world. Your objective is to obtain ten caffeine pills in order to wake up. To this end, you must catch the sleeping pills that sheep throw at you, back at the sheep. Once they are asleep, you can take whatever pills they happened to have on them.

  • Zeni Maze

    Zeni Maze

    At present, this is best described as a demonstration of the game engine that I'm currently working on. In the future, this game could potentially allow one to explore a maze that could not, in reality, exist. For example, a maze could allow one to take four tight left turns and end up somewhere different than where one started.

    WASD for moving forward, backward, left, and right

  • WolverineWare


    WolverineWare is the first true Wolverine Soft community project in a while. Development of this game will be done by programmers, artists, musicians, designers, beginners and experts alike. The idea behind the game is that it will be like WarioWare, Inc. (the GBA game) with a WolverineSoft/UofM theme. It will consist of a huge number of simple, short (as in, a few seconds long) "microgames" each developed by an individual or group of Wolverine Soft…


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